#6: Flickr

Of all the web services that experience a truly devoted following, Flickr is definitely at the head of the class, thanks in no small part to Mac geeks all across the globe. As a photo management service, it’s excellent, to be sure. But what makes it so revered is the ability to customize and adapt the web service through the web apps that have dominated the “Web 2.0” boom. Not much about any of the aforementioned doesn’t appeal to Mac geeks. Even though I just used the word “web” three times in one sentence.

Naturally, there are native Mac programs designed to interface with Flickr, all designed with the simplistic beauty of the OS interface in mind. With the ability to create groups, dozens of which are dedicated to something or all things Mac, the networking opportunities are manifold. Mac geeks love to network with other Mac geeks.

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#5: Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

There isn’t really a more comparable all-purpose shoe than the All Star. Covering a wide array of finishing fabrics, colors, patterns and such, the Mac geek’s love for customizability is sufficiently fulfilled by this classic.

Plus, in addition to making almost any outfit cooler, wearing Chucks is a nod to old school. And we know how Mac geeks love the old school.

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a break in the standard way of things

If any reader has an idea for a stereotype of Mac geekery that should be figured into this site, by all means please leave a comment OR email stuffmacgeekslike@gmail.com. also, i think this is really funny. a friend sent it the other day, and i’d seen the married to the sea cartoons before. this one is particularly significant to me at this point in my life.


#4: Starbucks

Every one needs a little caffeine. But no single group of people rallies around the notion of a soy latte double-shot expresso quite like the Mac geek. Whether it be the devotion to the bitter substance of coffee itself, and all its varied forms as available from this venerable franchise, or the aura and atmosphere of the community coffee shop that is so readily available by such an ubiquitous business in local urban (and not so urban) centers across the country, Starbucks has the loyalty of a large percentage of the American population, not to mention the Mac-using population.

Studies on Mac users’ perceived superiority have been floating all over the Internet lately, and this is yet another one of those ways in which the advantage of intellect seems to prevail. For only a true genius would spend $4 on coffee…every day.


#3: Gas-Efficient Vehicles

Oh yes, everyone would love to zip around in a gas-guzzling BMW M3. But the Mac geek is a socially conscious creature, who would almost universally prefer to spend money on his/her Mac (accessorizing and adding to the collection) than on gas. Additionally, the Mac geek is concerned about the state of the environment. Having seen Al Gore’s critically acclaimed documentary An Inconvenient Truth several times, they feel it is their duty to take of care of the earth.

Ergo, Mac geeks have an overwhelming propensity to own more tree-hugging vehicles (if they own cars at all…often they are content to cycle through life). Popular favorites include the ever-trendy Mini Cooper, similar compact cars and pretty much any hybrid vehicle. And don’t forget to put the ever famous white Apple sticker somewhere.


#2: Other Mac Geeks

That’s right, no one embraces the idea of networking with like-minded individuals quite as enthusiastically as the Mac geek. Upon seeing a fellow Mac lover (usually clearly marked by the white Apple sticker affixed to their vehicle or some other discernable indication thereof), the Mac geek immediately welcomes this new friend into their bosom with open arms.

A tendency of Mac geeks is to attempt to convert old (Windows-using) friends into new Mac friends. When the Mac geek is successful in this endeavor, they have encouraged a “Switch.”

If one is a Mac geek, walking down the street, spotting a fellow can be the most exciting part of one’s day.


#1: Macs

Mac geeks love Macs.

Some Mac geeks like their Macs so much, they take them apart just to put them back together.

Others are content to preach their technological superiority to all other computer users, particularly those who use Windows. Particularly those who use Vista.

No group can be declared a more proselytizing bunch than Mac users, constantly encouraging/forcing/bitch-slapping others into “seeing the light.”

Their love extends to dimensions that many religious groups can appreciate, including but not limited to stickers plastered on vehicles and other smooth surfaces, telling others about what makes their spirits fly (whether they want to hear it or not), being informed about the inferiorities of other computer equipment and a blind allegiance to Apple, Inc.

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